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About us

Slightly Greenish is doing groundbreaking work in addressing and providing solutions to critical issues such as food and water security in a very cost-effective and practical manner. Our company believes in simple solutions for complicated problems.

Our core principle is to have a beneficial positive impact on Global Warming by empowering individuals with knowledge and providing them with the correct tools in this manner we can make a big difference on our current water and food security and also our planet.

We started #TheWaterSavingRevolution as part of our mission to save as many liters of water possible by implementing the WaterWarrior.

The objective of our product is to provide South Africa with a sustainable  solution in the following departments:

1.         Alleviating the water crisis

2.         Food security

3.         Economic empowerment of the individual

4.         Environmental responsibility

5.         Social responsibility 


"When the well's dry we know the worth of water" - Benjamin Franklin.

As climate change and population growth put increasing pressure on our precious resources, conserving water, including using grey water is more important than ever before.

Of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh. Less than one-third of 1% of this freshwater is available for human use. The rest is frozen in glaciers or polar ice caps, or is deep within the earth, beyond our reach. 

To put it another way, if 100 liters represents the world's water, about half a tablespoon of it is fresh water available for our use. 

Grey water provides an alternative water source to keep your garden and lawn green, especially in times of drought and water restrictions. The WaterWarrior is an easy and cost-effective solution to water your garden effortlessly. 


Our Team

Esther Jacobs

Esther Jacobs

Position Chief Executive Officer

About Graduated in 2012 with a B.Arch. Stud degree at The University of the Free State.Designer and Patent holder of the WaterWarrior. I am a team player with excellent communication skills to keep in touch with clients, consultants, and contractors throughout the design process and construction phase to ensure that the project design and outcome is in correlation with the client’s expectations. I am a qualified GBCSA Accredited Professional and Green Building consultant who can assist in the Green Star accreditation process for both design and As-built Green Star ratings. Have a level 3 First Aid SETA accredited certificate obtained by S.A. Paramedical OHS training. I am the national mentor of the SAGE Teen Entrepreneur program that recently won a gold medal at the teen entrepreneurship in Manila in the Philippines.

Leandra Joubert

Leandra Joubert

Position Chief Operating Officer

About Enthusiastic, resourceful graduated with a BA Degree in Drama and Theater Arts. I am a well-spoken and organized individual with the ability to establish priorities and meet challenges head-on. Strong project management skills. Excellent Administrator who goes above and beyond basic administrative tasks and takes on multiple projects at once. Excellent work ethic and strength in boosting company morale. Quality-focused, committed to approaching administrative tasks with tenacity and attention to detail